Life After Sports

Entrepreneur I Speaker I Philanthropist I Athlete

After Mr. Rodriguez’s retirement from baseball, his love for the game endured and to this day he continues to be involved in the sport through his involvement as the Special Assistant to the General Manager of the Texas Rangers, coaching of various major and minor league ballplayers as well as his work as a sports analyst for Fox Sports South West. Off the field, Mr. Rodriguez has and continues to be a well-versed businessman taking on a wide range of investments both domestically and abroad. Pudge also enjoys donating and giving his time to many different communities and non-profit organizations because giving back is a virtue he holds close.


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Have you found any new hobbies or interests that motivate you now?

I love to play golf because I take it very seriously and make it a challenge every day I play. I’m very competitive and this still brings some of my competitive spirit out! I also love to learn about business and entrepreneurship topics and also try to make some time to help and give back to my community.

What has been your primary goal in life after sports?

My primary goal has always been to learn and educate in different topics, especially how to become a better entrepreneur and how to make a difference in people’s lives! I feel there are different ways to help people and that’s very rewarding to me. I love to make a difference with kids and spend some time with my fans!

What accomplishments do you feel most proud of after retirement?

I enjoyed my career and loved that I was able to play for 21 years at the MLB level; what I feel proudest of is to have won a World Series because it was a team effort and it feels so good to win with your teammates! That moment was great. I would also feel proud that my legacy was that I’m a great human being outside of the field as well! I love my fans, and love to spend time with them! I really play the game of baseball hard to provide a good show for them! They are my inspiration!

Where did you want to live after you retired and why?

Every team and city that I played at was special! Dallas, Texas and Miami, Florida (where I live right now), will always have a special place in my heart. I love both of those places because they both have special moments in my baseball career.